Thursday, May 3, 2012

Books I am Looking Forward To

 Everyone always thinks I am making this up, but I'm not. I honestly do have a spreadsheet of all the books that I currently have on order..

I even have it broken down by date and if I have it pre ordered as a Kindle or Book. The Book, I usually go through and change to kindle as the kindle version comes out. But I want to make sure I get those books pre ordered as soon as I see them. That way I don't forget them..

So here's a copy of my spreadsheet.. and the groundwork for my TBR Pile

Warrior Enchanted    Addison Fox    The Son's of the Zodiac: Book 4    PNR    05/04/12

The Last Boyfriend    Nora Roberts    BoonsBoro Trilogy: Book 2    ROMANCE    05/12/12
The Taming of a Princess    Karen Hawkins        HISTORICAL ROMANCE    05/22/12
Midnight Master    Donna Grant            05/23/12
Beautiful Sacrifice    Elizabeth Lowell        ROMANCE/ SUSPENCE    05/25/12
Tangle of Need    Nalini Singh    Psy/Changeling:      Book 11    PNR    05/29/12
Charmed by His Love    Janet Chapman    Spellbound Falls        06/01/12
Blazing the Trail    Deborah Cooke    The Dragon Diaries: Book 3    PNR     06/05/12
Let Love Find You    Johanna Lindsey    A Mallory Novel    HISTORICAL ROMANCE    06/12/12
Lethal Rider    Larissa Ione    Lords of Deliverance: Book 3    PNR    06/12/12
Wicked Nights    Gena Showalter    Lords of the Underworld: Book 9    PNR    06/12/12
A Scandalous Scot    Karen Ranney        HISTORICAL ROMANCE    06/26/12
How to be a Proper Lady    Katherine Ashe    A Falcon Club Novel    ROMANCE    06/26/12
Midnight Lover    Donna Grant         PNR    06/29/12
My Lady Mage    Donna Grant     Warriors of the Mist    FANTASY    07/03/12
Samurai Game    Christine Feehan    Ghostwalkers: Book 10    ROMANCE/ SUSPENCE    07/03/12
The Desperate Game     Christine Feehan    Ghostwalkers: Book 11    Urban Fantasy    07/10/12
Leaping Hearts    JR Ward        PNR    07/29/12
Don't Say A Word    Beverly Barton        ROMANCE/ SUSPENCE    07/31/12
The Lady is a Vamp    Linsay Sands    An Argeneau Novel: Book 16    PNR/Fantasy    07/31/12
Sweet Talk    Julie Garwood        ROMANCE/ SUSPENCE    08/07/12
Dream Lake    Lisa Kleypas        ROMANCE    08/10/12
Heart Secret    Robin D Owens    Celta: Book 10    FANTASY    08/10/12
Time UnTime    Sherrilyn Kenyon    Dark Hunter: Book 21              PNR    08/10/12
Wilder    Christina Dodd    The Chosen Ones:  Book 5    PNR    08/10/12
Shadows Claim    Kresley Cole    The Dacians: Realm of Blood and Mist: Book 1    FANTASY    08/21/12
A Lady by Midnight    Tessa Dare        ROMANCE    08/28/12
Courting Caroline    Janet Chapman    Spellbound Falls    ROMANCE    08/28/12
Howl for It    Shelly Laurentson    Pride Series: novella    PNR    08/31/12
Archangel's Storm     Alyssa Day    Archangels    PNR    09/04/12
The Lost Night    Jayne Castle    Rainshadow Novel: Book 3    PNR    09/04/12
How to Drive a Dragon Crazy    GA Aiken    Dragon Kin: Book 10    PNR    09/07/12
Dark Storm    Christine Feehan    Carpathians    PNR    09/07/12
Enraptured    Elisabeth Naughton    Eternal Guardians: Book 4    PNR    09/18/12
The Curse    Sherrilyn Kenyon    Belador Code: Book 3    PNR    09/18/12
Forbidden      Jacquelyn Frank    Nightwalkers: Book 7    PNR     09/25/12
How A Lady Weds a Rogue    Katharine Ashe     A Falcon Club Novel    ROMANCE    09/25/12
My Scandalous Viscount    Gaelon Foley    Inferno Club: Book 5    ROMANCE    09/25/12
The Lady Risks All    Stephanie Laurens        ROMANCE    09/25/12
Poison Princess    Kresley Cole     The Arcana Chronicles    PNR    10/02/12
The Mark of Athena    Rick Riordan    Heros of Olympus:  Book 3    YA    10/02/12
Ember's Kiss    Deborah Cooke    Dragonfire Novel: Book 8    PNR    10/05/12
Phantom Shadows    Dianne Duvall    Immortal Guardians: Book 3    Urban Fantasy    10/05/12
Spellfire    Jessica Anderson    Final Prophecy: Book 8     Urban Fantasy    10/05/12
The Crimson Crown    Cinda Williams Chima    A Seven Realms Novel: Book 4    YA    10/26/12
Iced    Karen Marie Moning    A Dani O'Malley Novel: Book 1    YA    10/30/12
Midnight's Seduction    Donna Grant        PNR    11/02/12
Princess in Love    Julianne MacLean         ROMANCE      11/02/12
Enslaved    Elisabeth Naughton    Eternal Guardians:  Book 4    PNR    11/06/12
Lord's Fall    Thea Harrison    Novels of the Elder Races: Book  5    PNR    11/09/12
Stranger in the Moonlight     Jude Deveraux    Edilean?    ROMANCE    11/27/12
Heart of Atlantis    Alyssa Day    Warriors of Poseidon: Book 8    PNR    12/12/12
Last Kiss Goodnight     Gena Showalter    An Otherworld Assassin Novel    PNR    12/26/12

Don't for a minute think that this is it.. there will be plenty of surprises along the way I am sure.. these are just the books that I have pre ordered..

**All descriptions such as PNR, Urban Fantasy or Romance are my personal descriptions not how they are termed on any booksites or by the author. 


  1. Wow - you are really organized. I have a list, a long list of books on the shelves waiting to be read. That's about it. I did just post about what my reading plans were for the month.

    Love romantic suspense. Have you checked out Literary Escapism. She posts a weekly and monthly list of new and upcoming releases.

    1. I will have to check her out...

      Believe it or not I am really picky about who I read.. Yeah it shows.. Sure I read new authors and find new to me authors but I have standards and guidelines I pretty much stay within. There are some authors that are HUGE favorites and I just don't like em. Then there are authors that are pretty much hidden treasures and I ADORE them..

  2. Now how could I possibly NOT feel ridiculous by comparison with MY list? Your books are all parts of a series....and I mean NEW releases. My "lagging behind" is looking forward to Book 4 in the Cynster series OR Book 3 in the Hathaway series OR a Kingdom of Dreams by McNaught. THERE! I've said TOO much. You've at least increased my own list by about 20, ha!!! ;)

    1. The next post, I am going to go through all the books on my kindle that I OWN and haven't read yet.. then the books lying around saying read me, read me.... they feel neglected poor things since I tend to stick to eBooks these days


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