Monday, August 6, 2012

World Peace Blitz

A Piece of Peace
Amelia Curzon
Book mews and tattle tails
Book Purses
B o o k s 4 T o m o r r o w
christine bonner
Close Encounters with the Night Kind
Combermere Abbey 
Devoted Mommy of 3
Diary of a Writer in Progress
Get Lenin by Robert Craven
Graciela Zozaya
Halley Elise
Heaven's Garden Productions
Hope With Change
Joseph D. Smith
Lift You Up
Mallory Heart Reviews
margaret west
Nomi's Paranormal Palace
Opus 'N' Pen
Paulette Mahurin
Pavarti K Tyler at Fighting Monkey Press
R. Russell Bittner
Rise of the Vampire
Russell Bittner 
Simple Clockwork by Nancy Cudis
Tela's Notes
Tela Wallen Fiction
The Author Zackary Richards
The Bridge of Deaths
The Journey
The Persecutio of Mildred Dunlap
Think in ink
Wendy's Bookcase


  1. "As Love is intended to "Be" in year 2012,
    Humans will begin the energy exchange to worlds beyond their own and will start to "see through each other eyes."
    Jolie DeMarco

  2. Vickie'
    I recently finished a book some 25 after, living it. My book is the story of my life from the war torn beginnings in Germany to my journey to the new world, "where streets are lined with gold". Well, perhaps not, but it allowed me a new life, a better life and an opportunity to be what my maternal grandmother wished for me. I repaid this country by enlisting in the UASF and in no time found myself interwoven in clandestine operations. My approach to this book was from a human point of view, not solely to report the details of the missions. Yes, there are some Top Secret mission exposed but my primary mission were the people who made them happen. They all are like you and you and you. They have spouses, children, parents, family and on more than one occasion left them behind without a word to accomplish a mission critical to our national defense. I am a very technically oriented man and words are not my strong suit, for this reason I used a ghost writer to help me put my words on paper. Now I am looking for strangers to visit my blog and see samples of my writings and perhaps even read the entire book and tell me if it is worthy of the paper it will be printed upon.
    If you can assist me in this in any way please let me know. I would be forever grateful. You can see some of my comments and sample chapters on my blog at: Please visit me and if you are interested in reading the entire book let me know and I'll send an electronic copy.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    Rudi Fischer


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