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Review: Pushing the Limits by Katie McGarry

Pushing the Limits

No one knows what happened the night Echo Emerson went from popular girl with jock boyfriend to gossiped-about outsider with "freaky" scars on her arms. Even Echo can't remember the whole truth of that horrible night. All she knows is that she wants everything to go back to normal. But when Noah Hutchins, the smoking-hot, girl-using loner in the black leather jacket, explodes into her life with his tough attitude and surprising understanding, Echo's world shifts in ways she could never have imagined. They should have nothing in common. And with the secrets they both keep, being together is pretty much impossible.Yet the crazy attraction between them refuses to go away. And Echo has to ask herself just how far they can push the limits and what she'll risk for the one guy who might teach her how to love again.

Book Trailer

My Review 

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

So I rushed reading in order to join in on the fun of celebrating its release. And boy did I never regret that choice.

I started reading this Friday afternoon, after a harrowing day and a harrowing week full of stress and nerves at school. Thank God It's Friday! I can read books again! So I read this in less than a day, even with all the pauses counted. Needless to say, I was glued to this book. My phone, where I read using my Kindle app, almost never left my hands. I read while I pee and oops, I think that's TMI. So why? Why did I lose sleep over this book? The answer: Noah Hutchins.

You might say that I'm just a teenager in love with bad boys, especially book bad boys. And while I do admit that, I did liked this novel not just for resident bad-boy-with-a-good-heart Noah Hutchins, but for the story. And for Echo. This novel is full of teen angst. Lots and lots of teen angst. And while this might be the first novel I read with foster kids and a heroine with a post-traumatic stress disorder, it really isn't that original. High school problems, family problems, problems with the system, basically, we've read it before. So why can't I put it down? Aside from the obvious fact that my shallow heart loves Noah, I care deeply for the characters. I want them to grow as people and I want them to grow together. I was emotionally invested in Noah and Echo. They were such strong characters and I love them, I really do. Of course I hated Grace and Echo's mom but everyone else was lovely. Isaiah and Beth are the best non-blood relative you could get and Mrs. Collins just might be the best and coolest therapist in town.

Granted, I sorta hate the copy I got from NetGalley. It doesn't have any chapter divisions. Even worse is that it has no proper spacing so at first, I was really confused who was talking. If it's Echo or Noah. By the way, the novel is told in both of their perspectives. Geez, I'm a sucker for he said, she said storytelling. Really, I am. But after getting used to it and after knowing the characters, I got over this minor gripe.

So there's nothing groundbreaking in this novel but I must say that I applaud Katie McGarry for delving into such a dark topic. Most YA books are just fluff and froth, pure icing but no cake. This book proves that you can do romantic with depth even if it's geared towards teens. I mean, teenagers are really smart and they ought to be treated so. The characters in this novel are mostly seniors in high school so I expect that the target audience are mature enough for this.

As for the technical side, the writing was great and I found myself gushing a lot of times from even the simplest wordings and dialogues. I admire authors who can twitch my gut or reduce me to a wreck of tears because they make me feel something. Happiness and giddiness is easy to get from a romance book but when a book makes you cry, it means that it tugged something at your heart, at your soul, and that it will have a place there. So if you're asking, I did let tears flow a bit with this one. It was inevitable!

So if you're looking for a romantic read with depth, teen angst and one that's not just froth, read this book. I'm sure this story will echo even after you read it. See what I did there?

Thank you to Harlequin TEEN and NetGalley for the advanced copy!

And to further celebrate this joyous release, here is a playlist for this novel prepared by Katie McGarry!
  • Down by Jay Sean
  • Bad Romance by Lady Gaga
  • Push by Matchbox Twenty
  • Changes by 2Pac & Talent
  • Undone (The Sweater Song) by Weezer
  • Hey Soul Sister by Train
  • Paint by Roxette
  • Scar Tissue by Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough by Patty Smyth & Don Henley
  • Use Somebody by Kings of Leon
  • The End of the Innocence by Don Henley & Bruce Hornsby
  • Crash Into Me by The Dave Matthews Band
  • Free by Zac Brown Band
Enjoy the playlist and hope the review helped!

(Btw, I'm Dianne but I go with the name whoopeeyoo around the blogosphere. I am the new review contributor to TBR. My presence here is all thanks to Vickie. Now, see you guys around!)

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Savage: Daughters of the Jaguar (Book 1) by Willow Rose (Paranormal Romance) REVIEW BLITZ Erotic rating=over 16 yrs I have the complete tour kit ready


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The year is 1983. Christian is 22 years old when he leaves his home in Denmark to spend a year in Florida with a very wealthy family and go to med-school. A joyful night out with friends is shattered by an encounter with a savage predator that changes his life forever. Soon he faces challenges he had never expected. A supernatural gift he has no idea how to embrace. A haunting family in the house next door. A spirit-filled girl who seems to carry all the answers. An ancient secret hidden in the swamps of Florida. One life never the same. One love that becomes an obsession. Two destinies that will be forever entangled.
Savage is a paranormal romance with some language, violence, and sexual situations recommended for ages sixteen and up

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"Darkness Rising" Review and Giveaway

A Pureblood...
Julien Gasquet belongs to the notorious Lycan clan, the Gasquet Pack based in New Orleans. After a vicious argument, he storms out of the compound and decides to spend the night with his sister, Jolie, in Baton Rouge.

A Half-breed...
Martina Beauchamp is considered an abomination to the Lycans as she isn't a pureblood and doesn't have a pack to call her own. She meets Julien after a horrifying incident forces her to flee her home and her car breaks down in the parking lot next to his truck.

The attraction Julien and Martina experience from the moment they meet isn't about lust or a one night stand. However, when the pack is involved in every decision a werewolf makes, is a happy ending at all possible?

WARNING: This is paranormal romance novella with sexy good times, smokin' hot werewolves, toned bodies and explicit language. Blood, gore and closed door sex scenes? Not this time. (Novella Word Count: 23,000)


I have found a new author for my must read list!  Have you heard of Elle Chardou?  Well she is a name to remember.  I am in love with her take on Werewolves and other paranormanls!  They are smoking hot and sexy.   If you like The sookie Stackhouse series (True Blood)  you will love this series which is similar but better written.

I instantly became a fan of Martina the heroin when she put her step- father down for the count after he tried to rape her.  YOU GO GIRL!!!

Then fate steps in and Martina meets the super YUMMY Julien (Very swoon worthy) by accident at her restaurant.  Gotta love it when fate works its magic.

I can’t really say much more without spilling spoilers in my excitement, Pick this book up for an afternoon read, it will not disappoint!

About The Author
Danielle Blanchard Benson is a world traveler and author of several different series.
Ms. Blanchard Benson is the author of Beginnings: Book I (The Plague), Death Wish: Book I, Better off Dead: Book II and Death Lair: A Novella (all from The Vamp Saga), The Catalyst: Book One (The Pop Stars) and The Beautiful People series.
She is currently working on Love Voodoo: Book I (DeGeneration), Apocalypse 2012: Book II (The Plague), Hart Attack: Book I (The Hart Family Saga), The Making of a Star: Book Two (The Pop Stars) and Queen of the Undead: Book III (The Vamp Saga).
Ms. Blanchard Benson has lived abroad in Stockholm (Sweden), Manchester (England), Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area and Portland. She currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Blog: http://thebeautifulpeopleawritersjourney.blogspot.com/
Follow Danielle Blanchard Benson on Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/dblanchbenz007
Like Danielle Blanchard Benson on Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/Author.Danielle.Blanchard.Benson
Email Me: mzdanibee007@gmail.com

Ten Things About Danielle

1. Your genre(s)?

My genre will always be romance or some form thereof though I have been known to do contemporary, erotic (not erotica as there is a difference), paranormal, dystopian and even -- grasp! -- horror. I am an artist so I don't limit myself and as a reader you don't have to buy everything I write. I assume most of y'all will cherry-pick anyway.

2. How many books have you completed?

I love serials and series so I have completed one long damn serial, The Beautiful People (which consisted of eight novellas), Death Wish and Better Off Dead in The Vamp Saga (and a novella, Death Lair), Beginnings inThe Plague series, Love Voodoo in the DeGeneration series, The Catalyst in my other serial, The Pop Stars, and Forever 27, a novelette in The 27 Club series. 

3. How many books are you working on now?

*Breathe* Okay, I am almost finished writing Queen of the Undead in The Vamp Saga (72k and counting),Hart Attack, the first novel in The Hart Family Saga (another paranormal series), Apocalypse 2012 in The Plague series, The Making of a Star in The Pop Stars serial and Love Game in the DeGeneration series. Plus, I am co-writing a novel with a writer friend of mine, a horror-thriller, Ties That Unbind. I'm tired just thinking about my year...

4. Are you a linear or chunk writer?

I try to work on one project at a time so it makes it easier for me to maintain consistency. That list above, that is the order of the books with the exception of the one I am co-writing. I write that one when I get it back from my co-author, write my part and then send it to him via email and Drop Box.

5. The POV (= Point of View) you’re most partial to?
I'm not. I love first person though it can definitely have its limitations. I usually stick with third person though. The HUGE exception to this rule is The Vamp Saga. The first novel is written in first person but the rest are a mix of first and third person. There are some people out there this irks but what can I say? I love Manon and I *can't* write her in third but I also love some of the other characters and thought they should get a word in too. Hence the bastard project it has become involving both POVs.

6. The themes that keep cropping up in your books?

Female empowerment, strength, change and staying true to one's self. None of these are ever easy but nothing in life worth fighting for ever is so there you have it.

7. How many days a week do you write?

Everyday. There is no such thing as writer's block for me. I began Apocalypse 2012 but my Vamp Saga muse didn't want to let go so I began the third novel. Due to my schedule, I write at least 2k each day and can finish a first draft in anywhere between four and six weeks. 

8. What time of day do you get your best writing done?
The evening. I have two children under the age of ten so when they are sleeping or are about to go down, I find myself most creative. Plus, I can have a glass of wine while I write... yes, I sometimes write toasted but I do all my revisions dead sober and I have an editor just to make sure she catches all the mistakes I don't. Plus, I have some great writers who act as beta readers and guinea pigs for those other pesky mistakes neither of us catch. I will upload and re-do a book that isn't perfect countless times. I do it all the time as it is a bit easier with the e-books than print but there is no such thing as "done" for me if mistakes are found.

9. What kind of music do you listen to when you write?

I'm a child of Generation X and I listen to everything but when I write paranormal/horror, I need some hard rocking music. My favorites: Deftones (Diamond Eyes and Best Of albums are classics), Marilyn Manson (Mechanical Animals, and Eat Me, Drink Me are two of my faves but I have every album ever made), Nine Inch Nails, Rammstein...I also listen to a lot of French hip-hop (Sinik, Diam's, MC Solaar) and French music in general (too many artists to count!). And I love some good pop music so Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Britney Spears, and Madonna are never far away...neither is Mylene Farmer for the matter, my favorite French pop star.

10. What the hell is up with your love affair with France?

Yeah, la Belle France gets mentioned a lot in a myriad of my novels. Better Off Dead and Queen of the Undead take place there as does most of Beginnings and Apocalypse 2012 will be a revisit (yet again). TheDeGeneration series takes place almost entirely in France. My other love affair is French influenced even if it is in the States. Hart Attack takes place in New Orleans. 

I just love France, French culture, the language and desperately can't wait until I can live there for a couple of years and write. I have lots of French friends and am partial to the Ile-de-France area of the country (though it is often cold, rainy and overcast). Plus, who wouldn't want their children to be bi-lingual? And did I mention the wine and the cheese and the food? Everything is better with a French accent! ;-) 
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Become a Guest Reviewer for T B R

Since I am often busy running the Innovative Online Book Tour Company I can use a guest Reviewer or two to keep the posts going here.

Have you ever wanted to post reviews and join in on blog hops but you don't want to be responsible for a blog all the time?  Here is your chance to join in when ever you can.

You are welcome to read and review your favorite authors as well as post reviews for the books on tour with I. O. Book tours.

I will need to preview your reviews for the first few posts and I require that reviews be re-posted to Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Goodreads.

If you are interested please fill out this form  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dFYzZGNERzdaUnhOcVpPbDNqYjFuYUE6MQ

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Spot Light on "Twenty-Nine and a Half Weeks"

It has been thousands of years since the fall of the great nations and the tribes that remain in the ashes of the fallen must fight to survive in the shadows.  In this desperate landscape, Ailive has spent her entire life fighting for the honor of her tribe and she has grown weary of war. When Ailive sees a chance to escape her fate, she flees into a chaotic landscape where death and darkness lurk behind every friendly face until she finds refuge in the peaceful city at the center of her world.  In this city, Ailive finds everything she’s ever dreamt of, but news of a strange prophet from the South brings whispers of war to Ailive’s peaceful home.  Now Ailive alone can stop the genocide of an entire tribe of people.  Ailive alone holds the key to bringing peace to the world and destroying the monstrous man whom she once loved, if she can only gain the courage to pick up her sword again and make herself fulfill the destiny she’s fought her entire life.

Twilight Saint Excerpt 

I walk the way of the storm. It is all I have ever known. In the haze of early childhood memories, there exists brief moments before the storm, but now it has consumed everything. Every piece of me has been lost and all I can remember is fire and smoke and the remains of old dreams singed by death.  Even as I sat high above the city, looking down on the magnificent beauty of my tribe, the smell of death lingered. Our tribe’s city was alive, vibrant, and prosperous, but to me it was nothing.
 I sat perched on top of the highest tower of the karash, looking down on what most people in our tribe would call the real world. I was a Xenderian. I was part of the most powerful tribe of its time. I was more than part of it; I was the sword that cut the path to its glory. I was a karake. I was born to fight for the glory of my people, but as I looked through the icy air, I felt dead inside. My scars were long and my nightmares haunted my every moment.

Authors BIO:

I am a therapist and writer who lives in Alabama with my three corgis, children, husband, and other strange creatures. My short stories have been published in numerous literary magazines and anthologies including CSM, Summer Gothic, Bound By Blood, and Outer Darkness. I have ghost story columns in theValley Planet and White Cat Magazine where I share my love for ghost stories that send shivers down your spine and keep you up at night.   I also share my passion for all things ghostly and haunted at my blog, ghost stories and haunted places.

I am currently working on my next Haunted America Book for History Press,Haunted South Alabama.  Follow me at my blog to learn about the ghost stories I am chasing and collecting for this fascinating addition to Haunted America.  I'm also workng on the next book in my Circe series.  The demon is awake and waiting for my new heroine in the swamps of Southern Alabama.  Click Here to Follow My Blog!
You can contact me at   jessica.penot@gmail.com

Jessica Penot  Online:
Website  http://www.jessicapenot.net/
Blog  http://www.ghoststoriesandhauntedplaces.blogspot.com/
Facebook  http://www.facebook.com/#!/jessica.penot
Twitter  https://twitter.com/#!/Jessica_Penot

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Three Lost Kids Blog Tour (Mommy and Daddy Bloggers needed)

Three Lost Kids Blog Tour 
 (Mommy and Daddy Bloggers needed)

Join award-winning author Kimberly Kinrade for the month of October to celebrate Halloween and All Hallow's Read with a big giveaway for her launch of The Three Lost Kids & The Death of the Sugar Fairy.

What's All Hallow's Read? Author Neil Gaiman started this tradition a few years ago as a way to encourage the act of giving a book for Halloween.

Beginning October 2 through October 31st, Kimberly is looking for bloggers to review and/or host an interview, guest post or pre-written promo post for her children's chapter book series (for lower-grade readers 4-9 years old) and post the HTML code for a Rafflecopter giveaway.

Follow this link to the Tour page with all of the information:

About The Three Lost Kids & The Death of The Sugar Fairy 

Halloween is here and Lexie, Bella and Maddie couldn't be happier. But why does everything feel so different? Fewer houses are decorated and fewer kids are out trick-or-treating. Still, that's not going to stop the three girls from eating as much candy as they can before their parents can stop them, even if that means fighting each other for it.

When they finally discover a haunted house worthy of their favorite holiday, they forget their parents' warnings and go in alone, only to discover that the house really is haunted, and not only that, but they've been transported to a whole different world!

A dying Sugar Fairy in one of the abandoned rooms send them on a quest to find her Sugar Baby and the magic Sugar Flower in order to save her and Halloween. If they fail, Halloween will be gone forever, and they'll never return to their family.

But with Sugar Bug attacks, the Cavity Caves where they must face their deepest fears, and giant gummy bears armed with candy cane swords, the girls aren't sure they'll make it.

Their only chance is to work together, using each of their strengths to help each other. Can they stop fighting over candy long enough? Or will they be trapped in the dying Sugar Land forever?

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Beneath the Surface Blitz and Giveaway

 Joya Fields has had over 100 stories and articles published in local and national magazines and her debut novel, BENEATH THE SURFACE, a romantic suspense, released in January, 2012. LOVE DELIVERED, a contemporary romance, is also now available.

     Over the years, Joya has taught arts and crafts, worked in public relations, owned a daycare center, helped her children raise prize-winning 4-H livestock, competed in three marathons, and even spent a year as a Baltimore Colts cheerleader. Joya loves spending time with her high school sweetheart/husband of over twenty years, two very supportive children, and a pug who follows her everywhere.


She’s fighting to stay independent—he’s determined to protect her no matter what…

Brooke Richards survived the earthquake that took her parents and most of her leg, but she needs time to regroup. A trip to Florida for a state-of-the-art prosthesis and to visit her best friend Linda seems ideal. But the trip turns traumatic when Brooke witnesses Linda’s boat disintegrating in a fiery explosion.

Police officer Garrett Ciavello believes the blast was intentionally set to hide something Linda found on a dive. When Brooke offers her expertise in underwater archeology, Garrett accepts her help with the investigation. But since his fiancĂ©e’s death years ago, Garrett has become overprotective, and as they are drawn to each other, Garrett realizes he will risk anything to keep Brooke safe.

Brooke is fiercely independent. Garrett is fiercely protective. Will they heal each other’s wound and find a killer…before it’s too late?


For the first time since the accident, Brooke forgot about her leg. Forgot about all she’d lost and focused on the way Garrett made her feel.
She knew she needed to stop him. She should find a way to resist the temptation to be with him. But for a few minutes, she could enjoy the taste of him, the feel of him, couldn’t she?
He dropped his hands to her waist and softened the kiss before trailing a line of kisses down her neck. A weak cry slipped from her mouth. “Garrett,” she whispered.
She should stop this now before it got any more intense.
He lifted her chin and forced her to meet his brown eyes, smoky with desire. Heat spiraled to her middle and she caught a whiff of his sawdust scent.
“I…I can walk you back to your own room before I head to mine.” His voice broke as he whispered.
She swallowed hard. She couldn’t do this right now with him. Too many obstacles stood in their way. But as she looked in his somber eyes, she realized none of those complications were bigger than her need for Garrett.
“Let’s go to your room,” she said, her voice shaking. She moved her hands inside his shirt and ran them over his tight abs and chest. Heat soared through her body at the feel of him. “Together…”


This book starting out with a dramatic (on the edge of your seat) scene and just kept my attention riveted!  I can’t remember the last time I read a book so fast (as in I was up all night because I couldn’t put it down). 

Joya Fields sucked me in and had my emotions all over the place.  I love a story that can pull me into its world so that I am ambivalent to my surroundings.

The story was believable and I actually felt like I could get on a plane and go visit this town it is so well developed.  Joya does such a great job developing her characters that they felt like friends by the end of the book and I didn’t want it to end.  Luckily there is an epilogue to feed you just a little longer.

I loved that Brooke Richards the heroin is disabled and not a perfect 10 model like a lot of characters we read. She has lost part of her leg in an earthquake and Joya Fields does an excellent job describing her emotional frame of mind that came with this dramatic change in her life.

WARNING!  Start to read the book early maybe with your morning coffee and keep your calendar clear for that day, because you won’t be able to put it down.

I absolutely love romantic suspense and this book definitely filled the bill. The book is packed with explosions, mystery, suspense, action, romance, and everything you need for a reading stay vacation.

If you like to read suspense, drama and romance....this is the book for you!

I can't wait to read the next novel by Joya Fields. Go get this book, and you too will have a new favorite author to add to your must read list.

Joya Fields Online:
Website    http://www.joyafields.com/
Blog   http://joyafieldswriting.blogspot.com/
Facebook    https://www.facebook.com/#!/joya.fields
Twitter  https://twitter.com/#!/JoyaFields
Good reads  http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5395700.Joya_Fields

Click here to purchase a copy for yourself.

E-book  and  Swag (signed by author) Swag = Romance Trading Cards and a signed bookmark
Additionally, a grand prize drawing of a Beneath the Surface tote bag filled with goodies for one commenter, drawn randomly, who comments on all 10 blogs that day:  $25 Amazon gift card, autographed copy of Beneath the Surface, Beneath the Surface apron, notepad and pen, Romance Trading Cards, and autographed bookmark.

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 A Night's Dream of Books

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The Sizzling Books of Summer Giveaway Hop

The Sizzling Books of Summer Giveaway Hop is for the books you've read this summer that have made you sizzle. Grab some sun tan lotion, sun glasses, bathing suit and a yummy drink, this hop is sure to be a hot one! Sign up for the first Sizzling Books of Summer Giveaway Hop hosted by My Secret Romance! Actually, this is her first giveaway hop ever so you must be patient with her while she work out any kinks she may have. I'm pretty sure I've done enough to know what to do. And if I haven't worked it out, don't hesitate to email me and tell me I screwed up and tell me how to fix it. :) I'm pretty sure I got this though. Here are the details: * Any blogger or author can sign up * Add your information to the linky below * Grab the code of the picture below and add it to the side bar of your blog * Choose a book that is made you sizzle this summer * Add a mixed drink recipe that you would think would go perfect with your giveaway * You are responsible for your own giveaway. * Please list if this is a US/CAN/INT giveaway

If you have any questions, please email Taryn at Taryn@mysecretromancebookreviews.com and she will get back to you as soon as she can.

Thanks for signing up for her first ever giveaway hop!  xoxox

This is a BLOG HOP!

I am going to give away a $5.00 Amazon Gift card so that you can purchase the sizzling book of your choice. My prize is International.

My Drink for this summer hop is simple....A Gin and Tonic!

Grab a glass,  put a shot of Gin in it,  add a wedge of lime and fill to top with tonic.  ENJOY!

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