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Interview with Paul T. Harry, author of 'The Garden'

Today, I would like to thank author Paul T. Harry as well as Adam and Eve for taking some time to answer a few questions about the new book "The Garden."

Today, I have the incredible honor of interviewing perhaps the most famous couple the world has ever known. They are a couple made famous in numerous books, religious tomes and testaments, including the Bible, and their legacy easily spans the centuries touching each and every one of us in ways we can only begin to imagine. The input of their genetics alone changed the entire direction of our species’ development. But beyond that, they changed our development both culturally and spiritually, and the effect of their presence is felt even today. The ironic part is, most of us know very little about the couple I'm going to introduce you to, our guests today, Adam and Eve.


Adam and Eve: Thank you. It's a pleasure to be here.

Internet News:So in a way you've been given another chance.

Eve: Yes, we have. It seems our experience and our knowledge is being put to good use. I mean after all, we actually lived the experience and that is a gift we can impart to the couples being selected for future infusions.

Internet news: And your children, how do they feel about all of this?

Adam: Over the course of the last 40,000 years we've had a chance to reestablish our bond with all our children. All of them have moved on and taken responsibility for their own lives. That's what’s so great about the universe. It's expanding continuously and there's something for everyone.

Internet News: Lastly, how do you feel about your portrayal in human history?

Eve: Well, we hope this new biography will clear up a few things. I mean the whole story about me being formed from Adam's rib, running around naked in the garden and frolicking with the animals—it’s a little silly. I do understand how it all came about, but really, it’s time to rethink the story.
Adam: Yes, I would have to agree with Eve. One of the major reasons our race was selected to be joined with yours was for the gift of intellectual prowess. Our purpose was to give you, as a people, the ability to think for yourselves, to make up your own mind, and to think outside the box as you call it. So please, take some time and read our biography and see for yourself if it doesn’t make more sense.

Internet News: Adam, Eve, I would like to thank you for a wonderful interview. Meeting you has been a delight and far more than I could've ever have imagined, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. And for our readers, I do hope you will take the time to pick up a copy of THE GARDEN, The Unauthorized Biography of Adam and Eve, available now at  You won’t be disappointed.

Author Bio

Paul T. Harry attended the University of Nevada Las Vegas as an English major with a theater arts minor before beginning his career as a writer and music producer. He also worked as an editor with Second Avenue Songwriter’s magazine and has spent the last 30 years writing novels, screenplays and short stories. Paul is married with four children and resides in Gold Canyon, outside Phoenix.






Nearly every religion and society in the world today begins with the story of Adam and Eve. And yet, this most basic story is couched in mysticism, myth, and vague detail. Did such a couple really exist? Were they the first man and woman on our planet, or is there more to the story? 

For two hundred thousand years the Neanderthal race ruled Earth, then mysteriously, 40,000 years ago they disappeared forever leaving behind a new race of people -- the Cro-Magnon. Why? What happened back then that changed our history forever? 

The Garden of Eden -- a perfect home built and designed for two people until the serpent arrived. Who was the serpent? And what was he doing there in the first place? Is there a chance that the serpent is actually a reference to some hidden sexual transgression? 

Imagine traveling billions of light years across space to settle an unknown world populated by primitive barbarians. Imagine being alone, just you and your spouse, the two of you in charge of an entire world with only your faith and your mission to guide you -- and, of course, the devil waiting for that fatal mistake. 

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    Thanks for having me by today. It is much appreciated and I hope your readers will take the chance to look over a very unusual, but entertaining story of the couple who started it all.


  2. Good Morning Paul, I encourage them to take a close look at your book :)


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