Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Curve Ball by J S Scott (My Review)

When Maggie Jones lets her best friend talk her into attending the annual charity mystery single's ball to help her friend out of a jam, she never imagined she would end up paired with the most handsome, eligible man at the ball. Unfortunately, he was also the man that she had secretly adored for over a year. What chance did an overweight pastry chef have with a hunk like Jake Rawlins?

Jake Rawlins wants Maggie Jones, but he can't get her to take his advances seriously. He's been hinting around for a year. Now he's ready to take drastic measures to get Maggie to notice him.

Will Maggie realize that her Prince Charming has finally arrived at the ball, or will she miss out on having a man who truly wants her exactly the way she is just because of her insecurities?

My Review:
This is my first J S Scott book and I grabbed it as a free download.  I am so glad I did!  I adore Jake and his persistence.  That fact that he has to work out more because he goes to the bakery everyday to see Maggie is a scream!   I can totally understand how Maggie took Jake's dating comments as a joking kind of thing. I would have done the same thing.  And then the length that Jake goes through to finally get her attention and make her understand that he is serious is swoon worthy. I couldn't get enough of an attractive man falling head over heels for a plus size woman.  I need more!

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