Tuesday, April 30, 2013

7 Days with Adam by Jay Speights my review


 7 Days With Adam is a brilliantly crafted work about Adam, the
first man, who visits the author and shatters many of his core beliefs
about God, creation, the basic nature of humans and this world. He has
astonishing revelations about his and Eve's real legacy. After the 7 day
visit, he leaves the author enlightened with actual exercises, prayers and
meditative techniques that we can all use to access our Divine Inner Power
and achieve mastery in our lives. This book is a testament to the value of
storytelling in spirituality, and to disciplined spiritual practice, as
well as being attuned to the Higher Self and Divine Inner Light that is in
all of us.

My Review:  

What would you do if someone from the Bible showed up in your living room?!?!

I have no idea how I would react but I am sure my first response would be to be scared witless. Once I got over that and believed my visitor was really a holy visitor I would go nuts with questions. I am sure I would have a million and how would I get everything answered in a week?

This is an amazing account of the authors time spent being visited by Adam the first man of the bible. It is educational and faith testing. Much of what is in this book I am practicing already in my new age beliefs and others I am giving a try as you read this.

Give this a read with an open mind and an open heart. You may enjoy it as much as I have.

Jay Speights is an award winning author, chaplain, spiritual coach, and Director of The New Seminary, the oldest Interfaith Seminary in the world.  His multi-faith approach has lead him to continuously search for common universal truths about God, creation, and existence. Jay believes we must always strive to be attuned to our Higher Self, which is reflected in his discipline of prayer, meditation, daily spiritual practice and writing.
For many years he was a contributor to The Washington Times Online Edition and religionandspirituality.com, where he provided social, spiritual, and political commentary focused on getting people to interact and relate on a higher level. A November 2009 Post from his Washington Times Blog , motivated the City Council of Washington, DC, to pass a resolution declaring March 20, 2010, "Polite Day". The resolution was the result of his post asking the DC Government to appeal to DC residents, political leaders and commuters to be more polite and civil as they move about their neighborhoods and business in the city. In November 2007 he received the Humanitarian Award from The Punjabi Literary Society for Distinguished Commentary at Lincoln Center in New York for his commentary about the how Sikhs are subjected to harsh treatment because of their faith and cultural tradition
Jay is a graduate of Howard University, where he earned a BA in Political Science and  MA in Public Affairs. In 2005, he graduated from The New Seminary For Interfaith Studies in New York, was ordained by The Interfaith Temple also in New York, and  is enrolled at Wesley Theological Seminary for postgraduate work in Ecumenism. He has two grown daughters and lives in the Washington, DC area with his wife Damaris, two dogs and bird
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JaySpeights
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jayspeights
Website: http://jayspeights.com/
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