Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Welcome to my Review of Broken Spell by Fabio Bueno

Be careful what you wish for. 
Skye wanted to find the Singularity. She got what she sought, but to protect the most powerful witch alive, Skye betrayed her coven. Now she regrets entangling her boyfriend Drake in her hidden world. 
Drake yearned for Skye, but now he finds out that getting the girl is just the beginning: keeping the girl is the hard part. When tragedy strikes, Drake faces an impossible choice that could destroy his family and his shot at love. 
The vicious Night covens seek retribution at all costs. Wicked Jane has returned, scarred from her last confrontation with Drake and Skye, and holding a baffling secret that may change everything. 
Dangerous alliances arise. The Veil is about to be broken.
Falling in love has never been harder.
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My Review:
I loved Wicked Sense, the first book in the Singularity Series and I could not wait to read book two. Fabio did not disappoint.  This edition is packed with action and intrigue. The story picks up mere days after book one ends.  Skye is still hiding Mona from the mothers and fighting against the dark witches. BUT the action and intensity in this book is a notch above book one. Some new characters are introduced and many of them did not earn a trustworthy badge in my opinion. 
Without giving away the story I just have to say the Drake really disappointed me at the end of this book and I am not sure how he will redeem himself in book three.
All in all, this was an amazing sequel to Wicked Sense. 

Fabio writes Young Adult/Urban Fantasy/Paranormal novels, including the award-winning WICKED SENSE. He resides in the Pacific Northwest with his wife and kids. When not writing or reading, he geeks out with family and friends, solidifies his reputation as the world's slowest runner, and acts very snobbish about movies. 

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